FULL-TIME Python + React

Our full time web immersive is a perfect option for autistic students who want the coding academy experience in an autism specialized and online format. Enjoy online viewable content, video calls with TA's and soft skills counselors, and occasional guest speakers can add valuable support for learning to code anywhere in the world.

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Full-time Class Dates & Options

September/October 2018 Cohort


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Format: Full-Time Online

Cost: $10,000 

Length of Course: 12 weeks + ongoing career counseling support

Max Amount of Students in Cohort: 15

Course Details


Top Class Online Learning Experience

Coding Autism has partnered with DevCamp to provide a cutting edge online learning management system to deliver content and interaction for every student's success. Students have daily scheduled class time for a structured support system and learning environment with other students, instructors and access to mentors for when you get stuck.


Application Process



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Prep Course

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, & CSS to help prepare you for success in our full-time remote program.



Once accepted, students will deposit their tuition. Students can also learn about our great financing options available through our financing partners

Language Summaries

New to coding? Experienced coder? No matter how experienced of a coder you are, this course will teach you two of the most in-demand programming languages to meet all your employer’s software development needs.

Python 3

Python is a versatile and powerful object-oriented programming language. It’s easy to learn whether you’re a novice or veteran. It’s simplicity and versatility empowers programmers to create a wide variety of web development, software development and scientific applications.

React JS

React is a powerful javascript library that allows developers to create both large and small web-applications. It handles data dynamically and aims to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability to user interfaces in applications. React JS is a trending language that is in high demand with business owners.

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50+ Hour Free Prep Course

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML & CSS through our free online prep course and get a general idea of how the Coding Autism  learning experience works.


Full-TIME ONLINE: $10,000



Pay the full $10,000 prior to beginning of course



Have a company, individual, regional center, vocational rehabilitation center, or other sponsoring body pay your $10,000 tuition.



Apply for a 3-5 Year loan through Bottega's financing partner Skills.Fund

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Finance for 3-5 years with affordable payments through out financing partners. Approximately 75% to 85% deferred until after you have your new job!

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Learn a skill set that employers are hiring for

Check out the most recent available jobs in the U.S. our program is designed to prepare you for. Python is the fastest growing programming language.

Updated 2/15/18

50,759                            47,541                          36,990

Python Jobs                 React Jobs                      JavaScript Jobs

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Daily Schedule

Want to know what a day as a full time on campus student looks like?

While every day can be a little different, below you will see what the typical day-to-day schedule looks like for our students.

Times showcased below are in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

8:00 AMLog into WebinarSettle in & get help from TA's or others.
8:30 AMCodingStart the day with thoughtful coding exercises that get you thinking the right way, as well as prepare you for the types of interview challenges you will get during your job search.
9:00 AMLecturePut what you learned to use on real projects.
11:00 AMLunchAttend lectures to learn new concepts, then code on your assigned Sprint tasks.
Depending on the day you will code.
1:00 PMCodingGet your hands dirty and get coding away.
4:00 PMClass EndsClass is over but TA and instructor assistance will still be available.
9:00 PMSchool is ClosedTA service shut down for the evening.

Growing up mostly alone and having only a few close friends, I didn't recognize that I was on the autism spectrum until I was 33 years old. Coding Autism has helped my career development in so many ways. It's helping me learn everything about the industry that I didn't know, and didn't know how to research. I'm learning how to organize and present detailed project roadmaps that I can present to employers or employees. This course is also giving me exposure with people of different skill levels, it's teaching me how to teach, and teaching me how to learn. Being exposed to what happens at a company from top to bottom, all the steps in a project, this is exactly the kind of exposure and introduction I needed. "Hi tech industry, I've heard a lot about you. my name is Peter, nice to meet you." With Coding Autism I can now see the whole picture, the picture i've been trying to see, the mystery of the industry, the information that isn't available online through code tutorials, the true and honest inner workings of the industry. I highly recommend the course to anyone on the autism spectrum looking to learn how to code.

Peter Souza


Each bootcamp cohort takes 12 weeks to get through 600 hours of education and project based learning. This section completes your basic education in software engineering and qualifies you to earn your “Web Developer Certificate.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

• Write in front-end web development languages such as HTML, CSS, Angular, and JavaScript that displays as intended in modern browsers.

• Write and program in back-end web development languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP.

• Effectively work with teams and individually to complete coding projects and assignments.

• Have a general understanding of how computer science works and programming fundamentals.

• Learn more about what employers are looking for in their web development recruits.

• Have a general understanding of what resources are available for you to use to improve your coding skills after the academy finishes.

We understand that the traditional education system may be challenging for an individual on the autism spectrum. By providing instructors and staff that are fluent with training and working with autistic talent, we are best positioning our students for success.

In addition to our autism specialized coding training, we have also developed strategic partnerships with technology companies who have expressed a major interest in hiring autistic talent. We work with these companies to develop an understanding on their hiring needs so that we can best position our students for successful employment after completion of the program.

Lastly, we also provide autism specialized soft skills counselors who help our students develop their social and communication skills as well as their personal goals. This helps our students learn to effectively communicate with their peers and superiors in the work setting.

After the bootcamp there is still a lot more for a developer to keep learning to achieve mastery in the art of developing software. Coding Autism has partnered with Bottega to provide a full CS degree of content which is accessible to all our students to push them all the way to senior levels of skill.

In addition to our provided instructional materials, we also recommend websites such as Code Academy, GitHub, and Code Wars for practicing code, Code Fight and HackerRank for competitve coding. It is also recommended to look into specific niches of technology such as cybersecurity, AI, machine learning, VR and AR. We would recommend Cybrary for cybersecurity and Udacity or Coursera for machine learning, VR, AR, and AI introductory courses.


July 2018



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