College Counseling Program

Have Autism Savvy College Counselors Help You Get Into the College Of Your Dreams

High School Route

AA / Community College Route

Transfer Route

Location is Not a Barrier

All of our sessions are facilitated through video chat via Zoom and phone calls From the comfort of your own home or anywhere with reliable internet access, you can connect with our highly skilled college counselors.

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Individualized Attention

Through our one-on-one formats via video chat or by phone, students have the capability to build a personalized road map to a college acceptance through the advice, support, and motivation of our college counselors.

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Hands-on Support

Our career counselors provide hands-on support through every aspect of the college application process from editing and writing essays, mapping out specific courses to take in high school, making sense of what schools to apply for, and much more.

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Understanding of Autism

Not only are our college counselors extremely talented, but they are familiar with the IEP process and working with autistic students. In fact, our college counselors have either studied autism, have personal experiences working with individuals on the autism spectrum, have family or friends on the autism spectrum, or are on the autism spectrum themselves.

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Step One: Orientation

In order for us to have an understanding of what your college goals are and where you currently stand academically and extracurricularly, students will schedule an orientation call with our college counselors. This will allow our college counselors to put together a structured roadmap for our students to follow so that they increase their chances of getting into their top choice school

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Step Two: Putting Together the Roadmap

Through our structured road maps, we create a path for our students to follow in order to stay on track with the admissions guidelines of their top choice schools. In the roadmap, you will see information on the types of courses needed to be taken (ex. AP Euro, AP English, etc), SAT/ACT scores, GPA’s, and extracurricular activities that help you stand out.

Step Three: Following the Roadmap

When the structured road maps are created, our college counselors work with our students to ensure that they are hitting the necessary milestones in order to accomplish their college goals. Students will be able to email, text, and call our college counselors throughout the process and will have one scheduled 1 hour video chat call a month minimum to go over current progress of the student. This helps to make any necessary pivots or adjustments to the students current plan. College counselors also provide resources for the student such as recommended SAT/ACT prep, tutors, and much more.

Application Process

When the time comes, our college counselors help our students put together their application materials to submit to select colleges. Our college counselors also help with articulating the students “why” for their personal essays submitted to colleges, revise essays and application materials for grammatical errors, keeping students on schedule with upcoming deadlines, and much more.

 Campus Visits and Interviews

For select universities that require interviews, college counselors will perform mock interviews with our students to ensure that they are the most prepared for these occasions. We also help put together itineraries for campuses that our students would like to view.

Deciding Where to Attend College / Narrowing Down the Choices 

We understand that making a decision on a school can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes down to several choices to make. Additionally, in the case that you are wait-listed to your dream university, it is very important to respond appropriately in order to increase your chances of getting accepted. No matter the situation, our college counselors help ensure that our students are making sound and educated decisions on where they will commit to school.


This is the stage where you sit back, relax and celebrate! Congratulations you are going to a 4-year college!

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 When is it best for my son/daughter to enroll into Coding Autism’s college counseling program as a community college student?

Historically speaking, college counseling services typically work best for students who start the programs at freshman year. This allows the career counselor to start with a student at a clean slate and keep students on track with obtaining excellent grades, signing up for extracurricular activities, and positioning themselves best for college admissions. Typically, transfer students can transfer with 60 units and certain courses taken towards the major they are applying for at the transfer university so our offering is better catered towards students with 60 units or less completed. Students with over 75 units completed will not be eligible for this offering unless certain units are not transferable to the desired university and that they consent with starting at junior year at the desired university.

Will a student be able to upgrade from a lower tiered offering to a higher tiered offering or vise versa?

Students can upgrade to a higher tier program, however students cannot downgrade to a lower tiered program. For students who upgrade to a higher tier, we will prorate the cost of the program to reflect the price point of the higher tier program.

 Will I be able to get a refund for the college counseling program if my son/daughter decides to not use it anymore or is unsatisfied with the service?

Students are eligible for a full refund if they cancel using the service within the first month. If student decides to cancel using the service after the first month, they will not be eligible for a refund and will default payment for the remainder of the year. In the case that the student has to cancel the program for an emergency reason (sickness, injury, etc.), we can freeze the service until the student is ready to proceed again.

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