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Coding Autism is building the first autism specialized coding academy, pairing online coding education, community, and an autism-savvy support team to help transition autistic talent into our technology workforce. We provide project-based and in-demand coding curriculum, experienced mentors and career counselors, and on-call tutoring and soft skills support to help provide autistic students an alternative form of education that is catered to their strengths.  

Full-Stack Web Development Training

Are you on the autism spectrum and looking to transition into a tech career? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is? Click below to learn how Coding Autism can help.

Employer Services

Are you an employer looking for your next developer or QA hire? Are you looking to create a more autism-friendly workspace? Click below to learn how Coding Autism can help your company.


what people are saying

Amazing program - making a huge difference! This is a great opportunity for a talented segment of our population that might otherwise be underutilized and continue to be underappreciated.

Carol Brill
Coding Autism Supporter

The ones blessed with Autism have the opportunity to show the world their strengths with Coding Autism. This is both beneficial to them and to our society!!

Marleina Taix
Coding Autism Supporter

Amazing startup helping autistic individuals learn how to program and get placed into the workforce.

Great job Oliver!

Zee Moric
Coding Autism Supporter

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